21 November 2017

Trip down to York & catch up

Just back from a short break down in York. Its been many years since I have visited the area so was looking forward to it. The Christmas market and the lights were switched on was last Thursday so the town centre was very busy we shoppers inc ourselves. We did not do much sight signing as we were busy with Christmas and general shopping duties. The weather was dry and cold on the first day. We stopped at the Travelodge 6 miles out of the city for around £23 per night compared to £135-£155 in the centre per night. There was plenty free car parking, quiet and no hassle. We also had a look around two out of town chopping centres - Monks Cross and Mc Arthur Glen, first time we have been to both and was very impressed. That day was wet but warm but mainly indoors. Again it was more shopping! We also called in past Sam Turner at Northalerton for a look around and treat myself to a new Stihl early crimbo present to myself! This place is massive and could have spent many hours looking around the man gear / tools! Café is canny upstairs as well. Then we also called in Morrisons at Darlo further up the A167 for a boot full of food / drink/shopping and a tank full of fuel!

Some new reading literature for the coming weeks / months -

and last but not least my Christmas present to myself that I have been wanting to purchase for many years.

12 November 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Halfords Presta Inner Tube 700 x 38-45c

I have used Halfords own branded inner tubes a few times in different sizes and they have been very good value / quality so far. When I bought the Hunt 4 Season 700c wheels I bough these at the same time as I was not sure if I was going to run the wheels / tyres tubeless or not. In the end I run them tubeless but always carry two of these inner tubes as spares, just in case. Like last week I had a rear blow out just outside Leadgate where the Stans did not seal the hole so whipped in one of these tubes and I was on my way. They might not be as light as a branded tube but the quality is there and so is the value for money.
RRP £3 each or 5no for £10 (any size mix & match), I paid £7.50 for 5no
Spec - Halfords Presta Bike Inner Tube
A must have cycling essential the Halfords Presta Bike Inner Tube is for 700c bike wheels and is the perfect replacement for bike inner tubes which have become worn and damaged and beyond simple puncture repair.

 Halfords Presta Bike Inner Tube - Extra Info

  • Presta type valve
  • Valve length: 60mm

Frosty but Sunny Sunday morning ride to Hownsgill and back

There was a good frost to start this mornings ride. The sun was shinning but there was also a strong freezing cold northerly wind as well. We joined on the old railway like at Bearpark and headed up to Consett. We had the freezing cold headwind nearly all the way up. We stopped on the Viaduct for a very quick couple of snaps before we were blown off our feet before heading back to the café for a cuppa and bait. There was a queue for tables by the time we left. Once we started heading back down the old railway line we finally had the tailwind. The lines was very busy with runners, dog walkers and horse riders. There was a few other cyclists out but not that many. We also bumped in to the Bishop Auckland CC group for a second week running.
Below are a few snaps, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

11 November 2017

A week of walking and no cycling

I have not been out on the bike this week so far but had some canny walks. Today me, Jane and Arran had a walk down to Durham in the lovely sunshine and had a canny cuppa and cake in the Cathedral coffee shop. We then did some banking before have a walk around the riverside and back via Wharton Park way. Most of the Lumiere light displays are in place in and around Durham. If you planning on going for the display then keep well away from Durham from next Thursday - Sunday!

On Monday me & Jane went out for a 4.5 mile hike over to Pity Me Nurseries Tea barn for a cuppa and cake. It was overcast and real chilly but dry. We also did nearly 2 hours on Thursday as well.