20 May 2018

Sundy Morning spin along the lines to Hownsgill Viaduct and back.

This morning me, Jane and Arran dragged the off road bikes out for a spin up the old railway lines to Hownsgill Viaduct and back. It was lovely and quiet going up where we only seen another two cyclists. Its been a fair while since Arran has slung his leg over a top tube and has out grown most of his bikes so he is using mine and Angus's. Today he took the Krampgrease with the 29" Dirt Wizard tyres on. It has been a while since it has turned a wheel but he had no probs. It really needed the Knard tyres on which we fitted once we got back home. Jane took her Scott Scale Contessa and I was on the Mason with the 700c gravel kings. Again there was no overnight rain and it was red hot first thing so the lines were still bone dry and dusty. We stopped at the truck and viaduct for some snaps before heading to the cafĂ© for some lube and nosh. On the way back it was mainly freewheeling with what seemed to be a tail wind. There wa loads more dog walkers, runners, and cyclists out now.
Once back home it was operation wash and fettle time. We washed four bikes, swapped three tyres and fitted the 27.5" wheelset to the Mason. Then it was onto operation wash the vehicle fleet. Below are a few cloudy and overcast snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon.

Yesterday we had a trip through to Bishop in the van for Morrisons, the petrol station and a walk around the town for some shopping. We also called in past the House of Smudge to pick up an order, more on that soon.

18 May 2018

Hamsterely Forest Loop on E Mtb Cube Bike

Well it was well over due and it was time for trip over to Hamsterley Forest area on the e bike to see how it handles some rough off road terrain and steep hills. I started off with a full battery and plenty of sun shine. There was no wind either which was a bonus for a change. The trails were very lovely and quiet, only seen two other cyclists in the whole 26 miles and three walkers as well. The temperature was just right when I left but when it clouded over there was a real nip in the air as the temperature dipped to 13 degrees in some places. I still managed to find loads of deep wet peat bogs and large puddles even though we had had very little rain in the last two to three weeks. The main trails were bone dry and dusty / sandy and fast going where it was not too rough. I bottomed out the suspension forks a couple of times on some steeper / rocky descents. There are loads of photos below of the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -