16 August 2017

Sunny / Muddy Wednesday spin out on the Beast of the East

No overnight rain but the trials are still very muddy, not to worry its all part of the fun of cycling in the summer! The wind has picked up at least its still dry for the mo. I took the Beats of The East back out again as I did not wash it from yesterdays ride and wanted to have some fun on some local single track sections. Only a few dog walkers out today so nice and quiet. Another near 12 hours of continuous rain is forecasted tonight so that will add to the mud levels! Time to load the washer and get the hosepipe out. Enjoy the pics below from the ride and hopefully more soon -

15 August 2017

Sunny Tuesday spin out on the Cannondale Beast of East

As I did not get out on the Cannondale Beast of the 'N' East on Sunday I decided to take it out for a blast along the old railway line to Bishop n back today. Its been a while since I have ridden this bike so did a quick check over of all the nuts / bolts, tyre and shock pressure, lube etc and it was ready to go. I forgot just how wide the bars were and had to stop three times on the Viaduct to let other people past as there is not enough room for two people to pass since they put up the new railings a foot in from the kerb line about two years ago. The lines are full of muddy puddles at the mo and I did not have a front mud catcher on so was sprayed in the cold stuff. The rear ass saver did not work that well either as my top had a huge black streak up the back of it! Apart from that all was well. Quite a few others out and about enjoying some sunshine for a change. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

13 August 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Shimano Ultegra FC6800 Chainring Nut & bolt set for 46t chainring - Y1P498090

Part 2 - following on from replacing the 50t outer chainring on the Ultegra 6800 chainset to 46t you need a pack of these 4no chainring caps / nuts. Well you don't need the bolts as the other ones that came with the cranks are exactly the same. So you get four nut caps which unbeknown to me are all slightly different shapes and sizes. That will probably explain why the rrp is so high. Fitting is simple enough once you work out which one goes where and finishes off the chainset nicely.
There are quite a few alternatives from - BBB, Rotor, TA and absoluteBLACK but some were very hard to find and some just as expensive.
RRP £39.99 and I paid £30 inc next day delivery thanks to Calvin @ Westbook Cycles for sorting 
Manufacturers blurb -

Specification -
Colour - Black
Length - 10.1mm
Groupset Ultegra Series6800
Thread - M8
Weight - 18g
Ps - Shimano recommend you use a 36t inner ring with the 46t outer, I am using a 34t inner with no problems what so ever.