15 January 2018

Nat Cx Champs Photos

 Here a few snaps from a frozen camera and hands!

14 January 2018

Ride through to the National CX Champs @ Hetton Lyons Country Park

Yesterday was a day of jobs and craft around and outside the house.
Todays forecast was looking slightly better so me and Jane had a ride over to Hetton Lyons Country Park to watch a couple of the National CX Champs. There was a very strong Baltic cold wind so did not hang around long but managed to take a few snaps which will follow in the next blog. Below are some general photos.
It was not that busy with local or NE spectators. It was mainly family and friends of riders competing in the races from further a field.
We watched the rest of the races on the TV when we got home through Arran's phone. To be honest it was better watching it on the TV as you could follow the race all the way around the circuit. I am pleased NECCL's pink poles come in handy, I just hope they make it back to us for our first race in Sept!