17 February 2018

Saturday morning local loop on the Litespeed

After yesterdays cutting paste / glup ride it was a change of bike for todays ride - Litespeed with full mudguards, which I should have used yesterday. It has been a while since I have ridden this bike so it needed a once over to double check everything was ok and pump up the tyres. There was less frost this morning so the lines were soft from the start. No sun either to start with unlike yesterdays ride but it came out just as I was heading back to Brandon along the old railway line. There was also less wind today and slightly warmer. On that note I borrowed Angus's new Polaris jacket as mine was in the washer and did not want to use my road jackets. This will be the last time I am going to wear it, non breather material (just like wearing a bin bag) and you sweat like a pig in the thing. Both my tops underneath you could ring out when I was finished. There was a few people out and about but not too busy. The lines / single tracks are still up the eyes in naffs and very soft going under tyre.
Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

Drier than yesterdays!

Sunny, cold, icy and windy ride upto Consett n back

Yesterdays ride was a cold but sunny ride. I got out a little later than I wanted but the old railway line was still mainly frozen on the way up to Consett. On some sections the top 1/2" was starting to thaw and thought this is going to be a right old slop feast coming back down. Once I reached Knitsley the sections of sheet polished ice were getting wider and longer. By the time I was at Delves Lane and on to the last section towards Consett it was un ride able. I was hoping to turn left over Hownsgill viaduct and further up the Waskerley but it was far too icy and could not even walk / push the bike.
Time for Plan B. I took the single car track lane from the café past the car park and out on to the cycle lane from Moorside/The Grove to Consett. I had planned to drop back on the cycle route to Delves Lane but it was too bad so had to take the main road down through Delves Lane and join back on at Knitsley Farm Shop. From there it was a slop feast as the frost/snow/ice was melting in the sun. By the time I got back to Broompark end I was sprayed from head to foot in horrible freezing cold brown water. |I was up the eyes and so was the bike. Time to hit he roads / cycle lanes again! Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -