20 October 2017

M Steel Cycles Closure

From their Instagram page -
msteelcycles CLOSED!! We are saddened to inform you that M Steel Cycles has, as from today, ceased trading. This was a big shock to all at M Steel Cycles, some staff have worked at the shop for 27 years!! Finally just to say Thank You to all the customers who have supported us in the past. Cheers!! ***** THANKS for all your kind comments and good wishes, so good to know so many of you appreciated M Steel Cycles and the staff and service. ******.
More info on the Chronicle Website and Bikebiz I hope not too many customers bikes and locked inside the shop for repairs / awaiting collection or orders / deposits taken for new bikes. Its a real shame but this is the reality of the position we are in now in the NE. Support your local shops when you can, sometimes its hard with the so many online retailers but even smaller local shops have a strong online presence such as Westbrook Cycles etc, always give local a shop go first before hitting a pay button on the screen.

15 October 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Stans No Tubes Tyre Sealant Injector

I seen the Stans injector when I was buying the fluid but thought I would give a normal small syringe ago first and save a few bob. I set up a pair of tyres using a normal syringe injecting it straight down the valve body after removing the valve core. It was slightly messy but had to refill the syringe quite a few times to get the correct amount of fluid into the tyre. When I bought a wider Gravelking tyre I also bought the Stans syringe. You remove the valve core remover from the end. Suck the correct amount of Stans fluid into the syringe, screw the end of the tube onto the valve body and inject away, unscrew once you have filled the tyre up - a lot less mess and a much easier job. The messy part is washing / flushing out the syringe with fresh water. If you are doing a few tubeless sets ups / topping up tyres a year then I would recommend you buy one of these.
RRP £12.99 and I paid £9.89

Spec - 2 oz (60ml) syringe makes application of sealant a more simple job with no mess or waste - Stan's No Tubes The Injector also allows transfer of sealant to new tyre. Allows you to measure the amount injected into each tyre.


Kielder Lakeside Way Loop on the Mason

It was time for a road trip out in the van to do a loop of Kielder Water - Lakeside Way. It was still warm'ish with a steady breeze but not too bad when in the shelter of the trees / wooded sections. There was heavy rain yesterday and last night which made the track damp, soft and muddy in places. There was plenty of the famous Kielder grit and pine needles rubbing away at my brake pads as well. I had to take it steady of the corners as they come up sharp and did not have my knobbly 650 x 2" tyres on. They weather was dry with cloud to start with then the sun came out on the south return side past Leaplish but the sun went back to cloud by the time I reached the Castle end again. It was all quite and only seen two fishermen at the dam end, one member of staff walking through Leaplish carpark then a photographer within 1/4 mile of the finish and a cyclist just heading out. As for the wildlife well I seen three rabbits, one deer and some sheep and that was it. All in 26 miles, just over 2200ft of climbing and took 2hrs 9mins. Below are a few snaps from around the water (which was well down), enjoy and hopefully more soon.