30 November 2013

Saturday morning skinny tyre ride for a change

It was time for change in bike for todays ride. I have ridden my Beargrease nearly all week so it was time to drag out the skinny tyred variety for some speed. We waited until daylight come through and off we set on a local route taking in many surrounding villages of Durham. It was a dry and frost free morning but a very cold wind at times. As you can see by the photos the sun even came out which made it hard to take any good photos as it was that low in the sky. We did just over 37 miles and 2000ft of climbing. We were going to extend the route but had to be back for dinnertime as the kids were going to the Christmas panto @ the Gala in Durham which was fantastic by all accounts, not my cup of tea ! 
Here is the garmin route from the ride and a few photos. Probably back on the offroad bikes for tomorrows ride.  

Farmers had been splatting the hawthorn hedges !

Nearly at the top son

Heading towards the crossroads at top of the climb coming out of Shadforth

The only time my boyo come out of my draft !

Time for a quick drink break, didnt stop long, cold wind

Called in past the Durham Park Run to see the good lady


29 November 2013

Windy & quicky fat bike ride on local tracks

I only had time for a quick spin today so it was straight out on the Fat Bike for blast around the local country side. It started off with a head wind on the way out and sunny but the sun soon clouded over on the climb to yhe half way point. By the time i got to the top it had dropped from +6 degress down to +3 degress and a 37mph wind. The descent was very fast as i had the wind on my back. I tried to stick to tracks through woods etc for some shelter from the wind otherwise it was very hard going.  Below is some photos from todays chilly blast out -  
The sun didnt last long

Cool going through the woods in the shade

Rain showers in the distance over Weardale

Wind turbines everywhere you go

Back into my old Northwave boots - blog coming up soon why

An Early Fresh Goods Sunday - 45NRTH Fasterkatt OUT & Wolvhammer IN !

After purchasing the 45NRTH Fasterkatt winter boots they had to be returned as the zip burst open mid ride during the fourth time i wore them. Two weeks later a pair of 45NRTH Wolvhammer's landed on my doorstep with only the difference to pay. Many thanks to Jason & Mark from westbrookcycles for sorting out the replacements. I was disappointed the zip didnt last very long as the boot was a very comfortable boot to wear. Its just the outer overskin is just too tight a design. Im not the only one that has had problems, here is a link to a few more riders with similar problems. I think they should have done more product testing on normal sized riders feet before lauching the product to the masses. I cannot fault their cap or tyres that i been using for over a year. I will do test report on the new Wolvhammers after i get some cleats on them and the temperature drops alittle !

Sure i didnt order any Muc-off

Oh its my new boots !

Zip burst open mid point during a ride :-(

28 November 2013

FOR SALE Cannondale CX 1000 bike (winter road trainer)

Richy is selling his original Hand Made in the USA Cannondale disc CX bike. Its in cracking condition and a real bargain. It is on ebay here and he can arrange delivery.
The paint job is lovely in the sun light and is a beautiful bike to ride.

27 November 2013

Warmish night ride tonight

What a beautiful days weather but didnt manage to get a daylight ride in but managed another night ride instead. As normal it was dark, windy in places but a dry warmer night. Dropped Angus off at the cx training @ Meadowfield and off i went along the old lines. 18 miles later i was back and hot under the collar - too many layers! No other cyclists out tonight but bumped into a couple of runners and one had a very bright hope head torch on, its was a beauty.  


26 November 2013

Sunshine ride and bumped into a fellow Fat Bike owner

Finally i got a ride in daylight and some sun as well. Its been along time since i have seen the sun during a ride and it was fantastic. The temperature was +7degress as well with only a gentle breeze along the tracks, talking of which they were dry and puddle/mud free as well. I have never seen so many cyclists out enjoying themselves and it was great to see, I also got talking to a canny bloke from West Cornforth who was out on his mtb. He stopped in his tracks when he seen me on my Beargrease as he is also a fellow Fat Bike owner. His son bought a Surly Pugsley, he had a test ride and enjoyed it that much he bought an On One Fatty for himself. Its great to see such a great value bike being brought to the general masses and ridden for fun on all types of terrain. He said he really enjoys riding it at Hamsterley Forest on the trails! talking of which its about time i had a trip to Forest for some mud plugging myself.  
Old Station House converted

Not much further to go

View from Newton Cap Viaduct

Cycle lane across the Viaduct

Sun just going back in for the day, nice while it lasted

25 November 2013

Freezing Christmas Lights Night Ride

We had a ride down to Durhma for a night ride and had to call in past a couple of banks so had a quick look at the lights this year. It was Durham's Christmas Lights Turn on yesterday but we didnt go to the event. As ever they get smaller and less of them each year. The plastic tree in the market place is dreadful and as you can see in the photo only the lights at the bottom are working! The suspended curtain of lights over the market place is impressive and way better than most of the Lumiere lights lol. Talking of the Lumiere looks like that was the last one for Durham. Back to the ride itself it was freezing cold for the whole ride and we hit minus -2 on the garmin but was dry and clear night. The tracks are still muddy but drying up alittle now in places. I had a mechanical on my Pompino on the way back, there was a plastic mud flap on the front mudguard many years ago but it snapped off. The remains on the plastic tucked up against the tyre with mud and jammed up the wheel. 10mins of trying to clear it and adjust the guard in the pitch black and freezing cold was enough for me so we took a short cut and headed straight home for some repair work.  
There was a lovely red sky but hasent showed up on the photo

Town Hall all light up

Pitch black around the river banks @ Maiden Castle

24 November 2013

Sundays ride to South Shields on the Beargrease

Day two on the Beargrease for a ride to South Shields. It was warmer when i left the house but still chilly and very overcast but no overnight frost or ice. The wind kept off until i got to Rocker then it was a full on headwind blast until i turned in land. The ground conditions were even worse today with more overnight rain but nothing can stop the 4" Surly Nate's ! Speaking of tyres i stopped quite a few cyclists in their tracks when out today, they could not believe their own eyes, the comments are just class lol. Overall it was a good ride apart from all the brocken glass near Sunderland and the horrid headwind up the coast. Covered just over 25miles in total and below are some photos from todays ride. Going to try and get a few more rides in this week if possible and build the mileage/hours in the saddle. Hopefully geta a couple of night rides as well. Need to spend a few hours washing and fetteling a couple of bikes as well.

This is one reason why i use narrow bars

Hope there is no gales due !

Beautiful sign next to cycle lane

National Glass Centre, Sunderland

A few years ago this box was manned to stop people using the coastal path when they were using the rifle ranges