28 February 2014

STOLEN - Cannondale Quick CX 1 - Durham Area 28.2.14

The wife's bike was stolen today from County Hall, Durham @ 1.37pm. Its a Cannondale Quick CX 1 2012 Med. It was exactly the same spec as in the photos. Please spread the word anyway you can - Facebook / Twitter etc and keep your eye out if you out and about the Co Durham region and on websites that sell bikes. Any info get in touch please and there is a reward as well.
Many Thanks Scoty

Day Off - Loop out of Hamsterley to Hillend then back to Hamsterley Forest

I took a day off from work and there was no wind for a chance so time to get some riding in. There was a canny overnight frost and the sun was looking to burn through early so packed up and headed for Hamsterely Forest. I decided to do a route / loop that started & ended back up in the forest. I have not ridden some of these trails for many years so was loking forward to it. I took the Grove trail to come out at the Grove! then climbed straight out the forest to end up on the road between Egglestone and Hill End. As you can see in the photos below where was snow on the tops! I then dropped down through the quarry to come out onto the road to climb up to Hill End. The descent down towards Frosterley was fast- 41mph and that was taking it steady due to the ice on the road. At White Kirley I then climbed back up onto the trail where the elephant trees are which had massive frozen deep puddles in many places. At the end I turned right then climbed back upto Moor / Doctors Gate before descending back down into Hamsterely Forest. I did not cover a massive amount of miles but climbed nearly 3000ft in the 23miles. I took 2.5hrs steady away stopping for some photos along the way. I took my Salsa Carbon Beargrease and performed without fault. I was running the tyre pressure 8psi in the front & 10psi in the rear - plenty grip. The XX1 groupset is bedding in nicley and has not dropped a chain yet ! one thing i have noticed you have got to keep the chain clean and well lubricated, more so than a 9 speed triple set up that i have on my Cannondale Rush.
Below is some of the photos from the ride, sorry about the finger tip in some, i could not see the camera screen as it was that sunny! 


27 February 2014

Another local light night ride on the Fat Bikes

Another fine evening so decided to drag the FAt Bikes out for another loop around Durham City area. It was cooler tonight and still a strong breeze at times but loveley sunshine. The trails were alittle more muddier tonight as there was heavy overnight rain but still not bad. We covered just over 13 miles in 1 1/4 hrs, steady away and just enjoyed the trails. Below are some photos from the ride - enjoy

26 February 2014

Mid Week Fresh Goods - Cannondale Quick Saddle Bag & Sram Outer Cable Frame Protectors

After my Spring Clean of the Dale Super X on Sunday i decided to change the seat bag from an old Scott one to a nice new Cannondale Quick bag. This one is a Med size and takes a CX tube, multi tool, patches, chain link & tyre boot with ease. It's made from durable water-resistant nylon, and uses velcro webbing to securely attach to your seat rails. It also has a rear light loop and reflective piping for added visibility. Capacity 80 Cu In. Here is a link to the Cannondale bags
I also had a spare pack of Sram Outer Cable Frame Protectors so decided to use three of them on the Super X. I have already fitted frame saver patches from new but these dont look out of place and offer extra protection from rubbing. I have these on several of my bikes and dont slide up and down the cables and keep in place. They are not cheap but can be reused when you sell a bike and come in black & red options. Here is a link for them, I have also used the BBB version but they dont fit multi sized outers and tend to pop off easier / loose them

25 February 2014

Lighter local night ride on the Beargrease's

With lighter nights now and the rain has stopped it was time for a night ride around Durham. I was surprised at just how much the trails have dried up compaired to when i was last out riding on them. The spell of dry weather and near gale force winds everyday have dried most of the slop up and is nice and fast under the tyre again. We got out sharpish for tonights ride so only needed to put the lights on for the last leg on the way home. Below are some photos from tonights ride around the city centre.
Restocked after Grizedale !

The water turbine is coming on for the new waterside development. It will be interesting to watch it when its fully operational