28 September 2014

Fresh Goods Sunday - Bontrager Race XXX Lite Grips

I normal carry some spare mtb grips in my stock pile but when I was building the Krampgrease there was none left. At the time Westbrook Cycles was having their clearance sale and these were on offer with 75% off, i was going to buy them anyway as when i sell mtbs i never have any spare cheapo grips to put on. They landed the next day and fitted them with no problems, nice and tight so should not slide off or rotate under use. They are light but looked alittle thin. After a couple weeks of use they have come off and thicker grips fitted. I was suffering from palm pain after an hour+ use which is no good what so ever. They have gone back into the stock pile tub for the next mtb i sell. Cannot crumble really at £2.99 pair ! Official info  At nearly half the weight of the RXL, the ontrager Race XXX Lite Foam Grips take minimalism to a whole new level. Constructed from special super-light EVA foam, this 15g grip is molded for a comfortable and ergonomic grip, letting you shed weight without sacrificing hand comfort.

Material:EVA Foam

MBE One Peak of Hetton - Results & Photos etc

What a beautiful day for racing around the grounds of Hetton Lyons Country Park. It was overcast but dry & very warm. Here is link to the gallery of photos and the results are in the Result Section. Everyone went away happy / tired and plenty of goodies. Thats it for 2014 for Muddy Browns Events, all the gear is packed away ready for 2015. All the best MBE.

*UPDATED INFO* MBE One Peak of Hetton Sun 28th Sept

UPDATE - The course / ground conditions are near perfect, its fast rolling and no deep mud plugging! Here is a link to the proposed COURSE (may be subject to alterations on the day). The building will be open so there is changing facilities, showers, toilets, cafe & plenty free car parking. Also when you sign on for the main race there is FREE ENERGY FOOD and prizes after the race.Oh and i forgot- free cake and refreshments as well after the main race. Goodies for all the kids as well. Results, photos and race report will be posted asap after the race. All the best MBE Crew 

27 September 2014

Ride through to Rd2 cx race @ South Shields

It was such a beautiful morning i decided to ride through to Gypsies Green, South Shields to watch Neecl Rd2 CX. Its only a couple of hours ride / 25 mile so set away to get there in time for the first race - midday. There was a strong wind again but mainly tail/side for a change so i was bombing along. Just got in sight of South Shields and my rear tyre went down in a flash, massive 2" clout nail straight through the tyre & tube. Do i push it or chuck a tube in as i was 11.50am. I decided to chuck a tub in and go for it, just made it in time. What a fantastic venue the old velodrome is, the grass is sand based so dosent suffer from rain / mud and the course was bone dry and riding very fast. Here is a link to the gallery of photos from the MBE crew. Below are a some photos from my ride through to Shields. Away to finish the preperations for tomorrow - cakes / refreshments etc

26 September 2014

Sunny Friday - last ride of the week

Sunny, sunny, sunny but one strong wind blowing. Last ride of the week and it was a hot one, back to short sleeved top & shorts with no pertex, gillet or base layer! Kept it local again and did my normal Friday loop taking in a few singletracks in the woods etc. Busy weekend coming up with CX at South Shields tomorrow and our event on Sunday @ Hetton Lyons. I have updated the One Peak blog above with all the lastest info. All the best 
Ripples on the river Browney today from the wind

New bench fitted, my favourite sign in the background has been left along

What you looking at

25 September 2014

Night ride at Hetton & cruising the old lines on the Krampgrease

Last night i dropped the kids off for the CX training at Hetton Lyons then i went out for a ride. The weather was alot better this week with lovely clear skies and no rain. I got away 10 minutes earlier and the the sun was just going down when i was 1/2 way through my first loop. What a lovely evening it was but the temperature soon dropped after sunset and drakness feel. On my last loop i  turned on my lights but there was still clearish skies as you will see in the photos below. That was the last week at Hetton and back to Meadowfield next Wednesday for more night riding! Todays ride was back on the Krampgrease but without my lights. The miles are raking up on the new girl now and im just loving it. Apart from changing the grips the build is still the same as day one and running perfect. The XX1 has not dropped a beat and i cannot fault it, worth every penny. Anyway back to todays ride it was an out out back along the Bearpark to Consett line which is bone dry again but still a good old headwind for most of the ride out, flew back though. Below are some photos from the rides. Im away to sort out a box of prizes for the One Peak of Hetton this Sunday - more info soon.   
Camera did not pick up the sunset in the distance

Check out the sun between the telegraph pole and signpost

Dark in the wooded sections early in the ride

ey up, her in doors out for a trot

back to Hetton for the last loop of the night

again camera has not shown the sunset

getting dark now, time for the light to fire up

Lupine in the woods

Kids training at hetton with their lights on

turning point for todays ride, this is after 8 miles into a headwind

time to turn & burn

well burn slowly then !

24 September 2014

Mixed bag of weather & riding / tinkering

By the time i got back in yesterday it was dark and chucking down so no ride, but on the other hand had a spare hour or so for some tinkering in the man cave instead. Last Saturday we called in past Teeside Park to have a quick look around and was in Hobby Craft. We were not anything really but noticed they had a stand of Duct Tape with loads of different colours & patterns. Got me thinking i could bling up my Salsa Carbon 26+ beargrease rims tapes. £3 later i had a roll of 10m lime green tape to have a play with. As you can see on the photos below, simple enough job and end result is two blinged up wheels matching the green / yellow fade on the down tube! Today the weather is better so went for quick out and back blast along the line to Bishop, there is still a chilly strong wind but the sun came out now and again. Only a few small puddles as well considering yesterdays/last nights rain. More soon inc some night riding ! (notice i have my lights fitted ready, not like lasts weeks disaster).