31 October 2015

NECCL RD 5 Meadowfield Leisure Centre Sat 31st Oct **HAPPY HALLOWEEN**

No mist today, the sun was trying to burn through and was near perfect weather conditions for racing.
Here is some photos from MBE

Update - there are loads more photos and videos on the NECCL Facebook page


Early Saturday morning local road ride on the Bowman Pilgrims

With the clocks changing and not getting out until after 6.30am the sun was just rising but that did not last long. The weather started off with good visibility but a strongish head wind as I headed towards Nevilles Cross then I turned and headed towards Bearpark out of the wind. It was still dusky so had both lights turned on the front and one rear. Once out of Waterhouses I decided to turn left and up the killer climb to Stanley Crook. This is where the visibility dropped to less than a 100yards. I turned both lights on the rear and both on the front. It was terrible riding conditions and could not wait to loose some height again. Once I dropped down to Langley Park it was a lot better but still not a 100%. A good 30miler in 2hrs with 2500ft of climbing. Time to charge the bike lights up and change the AAA batteries in the Smart R2 rear.
Also give the bike a wash and oil as well. One thing I did notice today when pottering along a quiet back country lane was I still had my mtb pedals on as I forgot to change them to my road pedals when I converted the Pilgrims into a 100% winter road bike.
Here are some photos, more soon, enjoy -

30 October 2015

Lakes Hols Part 2 inc 45nrth 2016 Boots

and the weather is back to normal! we came home on Wednesday and it was chucking down for most the night and all day. There was localised flooding on the roads on the way home via Hartside / Alston then through Weardale, no lovely clear views today from the cafĂ© car park. Below are a few general pics of the hols inc some Fat bling & 45nth 2016 booties, enjoy and more soon -
Wheelbase had a massive selection of

full fat & semi fat bikes

from 29+, 26+, 27.5+
New remote controlled steamer boats @ Fitz Park, Keswick

Massive Pumpkin in Booths, Penrith

Mega reflective gloves in Arragons Cycles, Penrith

two fat bikes in Go Outdoors, check out the Jumbo Jims!

Pitch & putt was open in Ambleside

Arrans wants to go on this offroad driving experience

New 45nrth Wolverhammer

New Japanther (Faskerkatt replacement)

at Gyhillside Cycles, Ambleside. Could not get a closer look as it was on Sunday & they were closed

Up the Struggle, in the van!

Kirkstone Inn, its was lovely down in Ambleside

and down Kirkstone Pass

New sign just for the Tour of Britain when it passed through

first time I have seen the water wheel working at Killhope

29 October 2015

Whinlatter on the mtb's

Yes give your eyes a rub that's clear skies and sun in the photo above. We could not believe our luck this time around. The long term forecast was wet and cold as normal but as time got closer it was changing for the better each of the four days we were on holiday.
The best day of the sun was Monday so we headed up to Whinlatter for some mtb trail centre fun. There is new car parking system in place in the main car park where you pay when you leave and are charged accordingly up to £8 or you can park in the smaller car park on the left side of the road before the main car park for free (well at the mo). The car park is right next to the end of the South red so you don't have to go far to join onto the trails. We did the Red North then the Red South with Arran missing the top loop. The trails are in canny nick but still a lot of massive puddles and the descent from the top of the South looks like its away to get a new topping, not before time as well.
The temperature topped out at 14 degrees! but still a cool wind the shade but no snow / ice / rain / gale force winds.
Angus even had a blast down Whinlatter pass into  Keswick to meet up for some food and a walk around the town.
Below are some photos of the ride. Part 2 of the hols to follow soon -