31 January 2016

Fresh Goods Sunday - Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5 plus 3.0" SnakeSkin TrailStar

More marketing hype? well time will tell. I now have bikes that can run 26 x 3/4/5", 29 x 3" & 27.5 x 3" tyres so have ridden and tested all the variations possible.
The Beast of the East came standard with WTB Bridger 3.0" tyres, they stand up to there quoted width but are not the best in slippery mud and drag too much in the dry. The other down side is they are not the lightest for a folding tyre.
Many manufacturers are now designing and bringing out 27.5"+ tyres with Schwalbe quick off the mark compared to when they released their 26 x 4/5" Jumbo Jims which are still very hard to get hold of.
They have two models - Nobby Nic & Rocket Ron in both 2.8" & 3.0" and in two different side wall options - SnakeSkin or LiteSkin. At the mo there only seems to be the SnakeSkin options available in the UK.
Here is a LINK to the Schwalbe guff and here is a link to the Nobby Nic Tech Info and the Rocket Ron Tech Info
Claimed weight 910g, mine weighted in at 890g so not bad then. I will feed back more of a review after more miles of running this rubber but first impressions are good, just like the Jumbo Jim which I have been running for a while with nothing negative at all to report.
The rrp is £56.99, Ison Distribution has stock so any LBS with an account with them will be able to order them for you. Charlie the Bikemonger has also got then for £60.
I must admit I found them by accident on Merlin Cycles and paid £28.66 with the Top Cash Back off, that's less than half price, now that's what I call good value for money.





24 January 2016

Fresh Goods Sunday - Topeak Defender RX rear mudguard

I was after another rear mudguard as I only had a Crud Mud spare, problem with them is you have to keep taking the seat post in and out of the frame every time to want to fit/remove it.
I didn't want to spend too much but wanted something of a reasonable build / design quality and wanted it quick.
I do like Topeak products but have never had any of their mudguards before. This is an old but still current model and is heavily discounted on the internet. The newer models have more updated clamps / design.
Now Topeak have classified this guard as a 26" model but I was fitting it to the Beast of the East 27.5+ bike! Topeak do a 27.5 model but no one had any stock locally at the time.
I offered it up to the bike and did not look to short / wrong radius etc so decided it open it up and start fitting. The clamp is not the easiest to adjust / use but when its fitted it gets a good hold and as of yet has not moved around during rides. There is also an extension piece that you can screw onto the rear with four very small screws. You can also alter the angle of the last section closest to the rear bridge area.
The first test for the guard was after more than 48hrs of solid rain in Co Durham and probably some of the muddiest conditions I have ridden a bike. The outcome was very good with only a few spray marks on my back. Best thing is I only paid £5.20!
Manufacturers website LINK

Manufacturers blurb - rrp £12.99
DeFender™ RX
Fits MTB 26" Tires
The DeFender™ RX (rear fender) is the perfect choice for lightweight durable mud protection on those wet and sloppy rides. Quick release allows DeFender to be installed and removed in seconds. A highly polished underside helps prevent dirt buildup and aids in cleaning.
AttachmentsQR Seat Tube Attachment
AdjustableRear Angle Adjustable
MaterialTwo Tone Injected High Impact Resistant Plastic
Added FeaturesHighly polished underside
Size (L x W x H)55.9 x 10.2 x 15.2 cm
22” x 4” x 6”
Weight200 g / 7.04 oz


23 January 2016

Saturday morning offroad ride upto Hownsgill Viaduct on the fat bikes

Its been a while since I have ridden my Salsa Carbon Beargrease so dragged it out today to give my legs a good old trashing. It was forecasted 4 degrees overnight and sunny warm through the morning. Within 1 mile from leaving the front door we were riding through frost and ice patches. It was a nippy start but by the time we heading over to Langley Park on the old railway the sun was on our backs and the temperature picked up. Once into the wooded section at Lanchetser it dropped back down to 0.5degrees! We had a head wind nearly all the way up to the truck junction where we turned left and headed up to the viaduct for a drink and a few snaps. We then turned and headed back down the line spinning away with ease. Angus was on the Krampgrease but with the 26x5" Bud up front for a change. I was slipping and sliding along the single tracks sections on our route but the Krampgrease was better with the Bud and Dirt Wizard combo. All in 31 very pleasant miles.
Once back home a quick wash of the bikes, clean and oil them up. The Beargrease is looking like it needs a new top headset bearing, another job on the list of to do's - some pics below, enjoy and more soon.

slip sliding away on the wet sloppy stuff

Jumbo jim vs Bud

Krampgrease had the Bud up front today

onto the old line at Bearpark Farm

not seen shadows for a long time, no sun all week again

great big pile of steaming dung

just what you need filling your lungs first thing on a morning

New Alpkit bags for crimbo

trying them out