24 April 2016

Fresh Goods Sunday - Ritchey WCS Paradigm MTB Pedals

Yes I have bought another pair of Ritchey mtb pedals but this time they are the bling WCS models instead of the Pro V5 model. These are lovely and shiny but whether they stay that way for long is another matter. I have quite a few pairs of the Pro V5 models and haven't had any problems with them so far. Easy to clip in & out inc muddy situations and plenty of float as well. They don't weigh much and are normally less than £50.
The WCS model are more expensive with an rrp £130 but I cannot see anything different apart from the colour. The claimed weight is 225g but when I put them on the scales they come in at 243g compaired to the Pro V5 at 265g so there must be something lighter within the construction / materials - probably the axle. The cleats & bolts are exactly the same and long lasting. Shop around for a big discount as the new 2016 Ritchey pedals have just landed in the uk. I got mine from WIGGLE for just over £70 with the Top Cash Back discount off.
Here is the manufacturers blurb -
Proven retention system offers fast, predictable entry and release and excellent mud shedding characteristics
Machined retention claw and pedal body improve action while shaving unwanted weight
Low profile cleat design and overall height for optimal pedaling efficiency
CroMo steel axle and tough forged aluminium body
Bushing, needle and cartridge bearing systems for long
service life and excellent protection from the elements
Polished finish with Gold springs and end caps
Weight: 225g
Below the photos and details on the new 2016 Ritchey WCS XC Mtn Pedal

Ritchey WCS XC Mtn Pedal 2016
Ritchey's world-beating Paradigm pedal has been redesigned from the ground up. A new engagement system with a fixed front claw now provides best-in-class entry and release and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. The axle system has been revamped for even greater bearing life while achieving an even lower axle-cleat height than the previous design, and a wider body improves stability.
At Ritchey, a new design isn't proven until it's survived the crucible of World Cup competition-and this all-new pedal has been in service with Nino Schurter and the Scott-Oldo team for most of the 2015 season and has already racked up some impressive wins.
Forged alloy body, stainless claws and CrMo steel axle
Bushing, needle and cartridge bearing system for long service life and excellent protection from the elements
Completely serviceable
298g (pair)

Sunday morning local road ride followed by a local walk inc the old Police HQ

We were out on the winter road bike again this morning first thing before 8am and it was freezing cold. The gritters had been out again and the roads were covered in grit. We did the same loop as last Sunday for a comparison, we were faster even with the strong Baltic headwind. Again we covered just under 32 undulating miles in 2hrs 13mins. Good training for the Evans ride in a couple of weeks time! As you can see in the photos below there was no sun today and only seen another couple of cyclists out.
When we got back in the bikes were washed and dried again then me and Jane went out for a local walk calling past the old Police HQ which is currently being demolished to make way for a posh new housing estate. The DLI is also now closed but still full of gear, it will be a long time before they empty that place. Again there was a cold wind on the walk but the sun was trying harder to get out and was quite pleasant in the sheltered wooded sections. In the end I cover just under 7 miles in just over 2 hours. Boots off and feet up after I have finished uploaded this.
Yesterday we went to the Bishop Auckland food festival and it was packed, I spent a small fortune on food / drink ! defo be back next year again.

Now for some walking pics -

and a couple from Bishop
yes we all put our head inside a massive pig!

these young lads were fantastic

best live music I have heard, think they were called New York Band