31 October 2016

Autumn ride in the sun / leaves

What a lovely sunny autumn ride around the local trails of Derness valley area. I took the Cannondale Beast of East for a change for some fun. I now have the winter tyres fitted but all the mud we did have is nearly dried back up again. It was a lot warmer today compared to yesterday and within half an hour I was stripped down to my short sleeved top with base layer & gillet.
Below are some sunny photos from the ride, defo more mtb'ing soon. Enjoy the weather, long term forecast looking dry all week and its November tomorrow.

30 October 2016

Ride through to Gateshead / Newcastle quay side on the road bikes.

Me and Angus decided to have a steady spin out on the road bikes as it was dry with no wind. The forecast was 11 degrees climbing to 13 degrees but it was just hovering around 6-7 degrees for most of the road and that was without the wind chill factor. It was a straight forward route up the A167 straight to The Angle of the North for some photos then through Low Fell to Gateshead dropping down to the Baltic, over the bridge and along to the Hub cafĂ© but it was late in opening so headed back to Birtley where we stopped at Greggs instead. I am not a Greggs person but we ended up sharing a rather nice sausage / bacon roll and lovely red hot large chocolate drink for £2! unreal value for money. It was then a steady run back adding in an extra loop and calling in past to see my mum. All in just over 30 miles on the Black Nano ltd Edt & Bowman Pilgrims. Below are a few overcast / cold looking photos from the ride, more soon hopefully, enjoy the dry weather -

Fresh Goods Sunday - Muck, sweat & gears cycle mug

Yet another cycling mug to our collection of biking themed mugs. This one has a cracking handle in the shape of a bike with the finger holes as the wheels.  It is also a decent size to pour a good cuppa brew in / drink from.
There are various other cycling themed mugs by the same manufacture, see details below.

RRP £7.99 Website LINK
Manufacturers blurb - "Get off your bike and have a brew! We're really rather chuffed with these new bike mugs. Hook your fingers through the bike shaped handle and swig your tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate) whilst proudly displaying the slogan on the front. These mugs come in many gimicky designs including: muck, sweat & gears, Bike prep, Leader of the pack and King of the mountain.

This mug is part of a 5 piece range of bike mugs, each with a different bike theme design.
  • Perfect Gift for the Bike lover, this mug has a bike shaped handle and comes with a matching gift box.
  • 10oz mug
  • Contents:
  • Dimensions
  • 12.50 X 8.20 X 9.70