30 June 2017

Last day / night of rain - Ultegra 6800 Chainset fixing bolt & nut set / weekly catch up.

Well as I am typing this its still raining and has been nearly continuously since Monday night. The rain did ease slightly last night so got out for a walk for a couple of hours but it was miserable. Everything here is Co Durham is soaking wet / flooded so may be sticking to the roads for a while when it stops bloody raining!
Anyway the Ultegra chain ring caps/nuts have landed this week so had 5 mins the man cave and fitted them. I can see why the rrp is so high as every one is a different size / shape! I did not need the bolts so kept them for spares.

First one fitted


and after
When we were down Durham last Saturday we looked all over for this map but no one had one in stock so ordered it over the internet and it arrived this week, so some study time before the summer hols!

27 June 2017

First and may be last ride of the week

Yesterday (Monday) was probably the only ride I will get in this week as we have very heavy rain forecasted from now for the rest of the week apart from a small break from midnight tonight then the rain restarts at 4am tomorrow. So I took the Mason out for a spin along the old railway line to Bishop and back. I thought my legs would have been tired but they were fine. In fact its the quickest I have blasted through to Bishop in a very long time. For a change there was no wind to battle against and the lines were bone dry and dusty. There was not many other people out apart from some dog walkers so not much to slow down for. The Mason just gets better and better, I just love riding this bike its so comfortable.
Below are a couple of pics from the ride, enjoy and I will be back at the end of the week for an update.

New Shimano cap nuts have been ordered, thanks to Westbrook Cycles and might even arrive today - excellent service as ever.

25 June 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - MasonxHunt 650B Adventure Sport Disc Wheelset

When I bought the Mason fame I did not have a spare pair of 650b/27.5"wheels so I ordered a pair of - MASONxHUNT 650B ADVENTURESPORT DISC | 27.5" at the same time as ordering the frame. I again have followed Hunt wheels for a while now but have never tried or bought a pair. They look very good value for money at rrp £359 and you can read good and bad reviews on the net re Hunt wheels so I gave them a go. They were well packaged and hubs set up ready to drop straight into the frame. I opted for the Shimano free hub but can be ordered with Sram XD or Campag. As you can see in the photos below they are about bang on the claimed weight. They are easy to fit and the cassette went on the free hub with no probs. I have not set them up tubeless yet but have the valves ready. Since fitting them to the bike they have covered road, country lanes, gravel, single track terrain and never flickered. They spin smoothly and no strange noises from the free hub either. I will cover fitting the discs / splined to 6 bolt disc adaptors in a later Fresh Goods Sunday.
Here is a link the Hunts WEBSITE

Manufacturers blurb -
Specifically created for the new breed of adventurous thrasher go-anywhere drop-bar bikes designed to work with multiple wheel and tyre sizes. Your perfect fun, light, tough 27.5"/650B gravel road/trail wheels. 
Only 1549g
MASON x HUNT Collaboration number two! The HUNT 650B ADVENTURESPORT DISC wheelset is designed to ideally compliment the fast, fun and highly-versatile MasonCycles.cc Bokeh Adventure Sport focused bikes which have a go anywhere attitude for those fun trail thrashes and bike-packing adventures whilst not ruling out those fast-far road days.
The opportunity to open up your riding comes from bikes which have geometry designed to ride excellently with both 700c or 27.5" (650B) wheels. This combination works thanks to the extra volume in a 2" x 27.5" tyre providing an almost identical external tyre diameter to a normal road sized 700c wheel with a 33mm tyre, leaving the bike geo unchanged. What was needed was a bike that could accommodate the extra tyre width in the frame and fork while still running fast road groupsets, geo and components. That is exactly what Mason have created and with their incredible eye-for-detail thrown in!
We're delighted to have designed the wheels for the job. These wheels are also designed to perfectly compliment other gravel bikes with dual 650b/700c interchangeability. Oh, and If you are looking for a 700c wheelset for your drop bar adventure/go-anywhere bike then our HUNT 4SEASON GRAVEL DISC WHEELSET would be well worth a look.
We’ve designed a specific new rim profile for our new Gravel/Adventure wheels. Key features of this rim that make it great for the focused purpose of drop-bar adventure/gravel road riding are:
  • Wider 25mm external/20mm internal rim provides excellent ride handling and support for wider tyres and they work perfectly with up to 2.1” MTB tyres. 
  • The slightly deeper 24mm rim delivers excellent strength needed for the lower spoke counts and higher gear torques from road groupsets when compared to MTB setups. The extra depth also adds a very small extra margin of aero benefit but obviously only very marginal.
  • Asymmetric rim accommodates the front disc and rear cassette hub offsets and helps build an even stronger and more durable wheelset thanks to balanced spoke tensions.
Other key features that make the AdventureSport wheels ideal for Dual 27.5"/700c bikes:
  • Fully adaptable axles, with the most common thru axles included with your wheels
  • Centre-lock hubs with 6 bolt adaptors included so will work with Shimano road groupsets or SRAM 1x, plus SRAM now offer centre-lock rotors too.
  • Hard wearing laser etched graphics which also save extra grams.
  • Hunt 4Season Disc hubs with excellent bearing coverage and protection for long running life.
  • SRAM XD compatible. 'Dual 27.5/700c' bikes are ideal for 1x single front ring groupsets
  • Supplied with thru axle adaptors included as pretty much all 'Dual 27.5/700c' bikes run thru axles only.
Detailed Specifications
  • Rims | 6061-T6 Heat treated. Tubeless-ready. Disc specific. Asymmetric for balanced spoke tensions and a highly-durable wheel build. 24mm deep | 25mm wide (external) ETRTO 584x20. H-lock bead-seat for easy and secure tubeless installation. 
  • Tyres | Extra-wide 20mm rim bed works with 28 tyres but great with gravel and CX cyclo-cross tyres up to 54c and MTB 27.5"(650B) tyres up to 2.1". 
  • Hubs | Hunt 4Season Disc durable and adaptable axle hubs. 12mm Front and 142x12mm rear axle adaptors fitted. 15mm front adaptors included in box. Other adaptors available from our spares section including QR, front 9 thru, rear 135x10 thru and 135x12 thru. Large double-sealed main bearings, 7075-T6 axle and freehub. Steel spline insert. SRAM XD Driver available. Centre-lock disc mount, 6 bolt disc adaptors included.
  • Please note as most dual 650b/700c bikes are thru-axle the QRs and QR adaptors are not included but are available separately. 
  • Spokes28F/28R PSR reinforced round triple butted J Bend
  • Nipples12mm corrosion resistant brass
  • Included | Tubeless tape & valves, spare spokes, spoke key, 12 & 15mm front + 142x12 rear adaptors (other adaptors sold separately), pair of 6bolt disc adps.
  • Weight  |  1549g (rims, hubs spokes and nipples)
Tubeless Tyre Fitting OptionChoose from the best tyres by Schwalbe, Hutchinson , WTB and more. Pre-fitted and save £s over the normal tyre price. Click to view the range. Add tubeless tyres to your order and we will fit them (including sealant) to your wheels prior to dispatch. You get all the puncture resistance and speed/grip enhancing benefits of tubeless but we put the effort in for you. We stock several tyres including Panaracer Gravel Kings & CommetHardPack plus Schwalbe G-One 27.5s.
High-performance technology that will deliver you to your finish every time. A strong and lightweight 6061-T6 heat-treated rim features an asymmetric shape which is inverted from front to rear to provide balanced higher spoke tensions meaning your spokes stay tight for the long term. The rim profile is true disc specific which allows higher-strength to weight as no reinforcement is required for a braking surface, it also looks stunning. The rim dimensions are extra wide at 25mm (20mm internal) which creates a great tyre profile with wider 25-54mm (2.1") wide tyres, giving excellent grip and lower rolling resistance.
Bearings are the heart of any wheel and investing in them makes huge sense so we went to Japanese bearing experts EZO and invested extra to spec their high-grade precision sealed cartridge bearings in our full range. Durability is a theme for Hunt wheels as time and money you spend fixing is time and money you can’t spend riding or upgrading your bikes. This is especially important for a 4Season bike you use regularly in harsh conditions. As a result all our freehub bodies have Steel Spline Insert re-reinforcements to provide excellent durability against cassette sprocket damage often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.
Things are changing fast in the drop bar gravel road market so we have adaptability built-in. Hunt Disc wheels are seriously future-proof. The front hub axle is 12mm thru, but have 15mm adaptors included with QR and thru 9 adaptors available separately. The rear hub has 12x142 thru fitted as standard and can be adapted to QR, 10x135 thru or 12x135 thru. Disc fitment is also a potential head ache for riders. As Shimano hydraulic brakes, with their impressive ice-tech rotors, are appearing on many new bikes, we wanted riders to have the option so we went even more adaptable with centre-lock hubs and 6 bolt adaptors included. Now SRAM also offer centrelock rotors too.
At Hunt we enjoy the puncture resistance and grip benefits of tubeless which are even more prevalent for mixed terrain use so we wanted to allow you the same option, but of course all our tubeless-ready wheels are also designed to work perfectly with clincher tyres and inner tubes.
H-Lock tubeless-ready rim bed profile. H-Lock is our tubeless-ready rim bed profile with up-kicks to the shoulders of the tubeless steps which help to create a great rim-well seal for first installation and easy sealing of tubeless tyres. The H-Lock profile also locks the beads in place more securely once seated. This is especially important when running lower pressures off road.
Spokes are a very important part of the equation and we have gone to town choosing a high spoke count 28 front and rear for durability. The spokes are top-of-the-range Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement (PSR) triple butted models which go from a 2.0-1.6-2.0-2.2 at the bend. Butted spokes are lighter but also provide a greater degree of elasticity and thus maintain spoke tensions longer and are more fatigue resistant. PSR spokes feature the 2.2 width at the spoke head providing more material in this high stress area. J-bend made sense for four season use as replacements are easy to find and we lace them two-cross for strength and brake force handling. To accompany these high-end spokes we selected brass nipples for our Hunt 4Season wheels. Brass is strong and corrosion resistant plus it has self-lubricating properties. As well as the standard square body we chose nipples with a hex head so you can achieve precise tensioning. Combining these components well is key and all Hunt wheels are hand-built and then tension-ed by craftspeople who work in pairs to check and finish each other’s work.
The consequence of the fanatic attention to detail is incredible durability and a resulting low 1549g gram wheelset weight. Acceleration and climbing are massively improved over many of the stock wheels supplied on road/gravel/CX disc brake bikes.
60 Day Ride & Return Period. We are certain you'll be impressed by the acceleration, low-weight, speed and durability of our wheels. We are cyclists and as such strive to offer class leading service and support. Buy with confidence, if for any reason you wish to return the wheels for a full refund of your order you can do so up to a full 60 days after you received them whether they have been ridden or not. Please note we cannot offer refunds on wheels that have suffered from crash damage but do offer a crash replacement discount.

Detailed Specifications
  • Tubeless-ready – designed to work excellently with normal clincher tyres and tubes or tubeless tyres. Tubeless-rim tape and valves included.
  • H-lock bead-seat up-kicks for easy and secure tubeless installation
  • 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminium alloy.
  • Asymmetric to balance spoke tensions
  • Disc-specific tubeless-ready profile
  • 25mm outer and 20mm inner width ideal for 28-54mm tyre widths
  • 24mm depth
  • Matt black anodized finish with laser etched graphics for excellent durability
  • Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 120psi when used with an inner tube and 100psi when running the wheel set-up tubeless. Please do not exceed the maximum pressure stated on your tyre.
  • J-bend cold drawn
  • Made from high grade T302 (18/10) stainless steel wire by Sandvik Sweden
  • Triple butted 2.0-1.6-2.0 (then 2.2 at the head for the patented Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement)
  • 28 spokes laced 2 cross front and rear.
  • Black stainless treatment
  • Brass for anti-corrosion resistance
  • Square body for external adjustment and hex head for easy internal adjustment/tensioning. Hex/square spoke key included. 
  • 12mm length
  • 14 gauge
  • Black finish
  • Hunt 4Season Disc hubs with excellent bearing coverage and sealing.
  • Forged and CNC’d 6061-T6 heat treated aluminium alloy body
  • 7075-T6 aluminium alloy axles
  • Centre-lock disc mount. 6 bolt disc adaptors included
  • Polished anodized black finish with laser graphics
  • 100mm wide standard spacing.
  • Bolt Thru 12mm axle adaptors fitted. 15mm thru axle adaptors included in box. QR and 9 thru axle adaptors available separately.
  • 12x142mm bolt thru axle fitted
  • Quick-release, 10x135 and 12x135 thru axle adaptors available separately
  • 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminium alloy freehub body
  • Steel Spline Insert Shimano freehub body reinforcement provides excellent durability against cassette sprocket damage to the freehub often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.
  • 4 pawl, 28 tooth engagement 
  • 9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM compatible freehub, Campagnolo and SRAM XD Driver versions also available.
  • By EZO Japan
  • Sealed cartridge replaceable units
  • Dual full-contact seals
Wheelset Contents
  • Front (12mm thru axle) wheel and rear (12x142 thru axle) wheel, both with WhiteShield tubeless tape fitted 
  • Hunt WEDGR Tubeless valves
  • Cassette spacer for 8/9/10 speed included with Shimano Freehub option.
  • Front hub 15mm adaptor (12mm thru adapter fitted to hub)
  • Pair 6 bolt disc adaptors
  • Pillar spoke key for hex and square fitment
  • Spare of each spoke plus nipples
  • Quality control card signed by your wheel builder
Warranty & weight limits
A full 2 years from purchase date warranty is offered to the original purchaser only on all Hunt bike wheels against material or workmanship defects, please click here to read full details. 115 kg is the upper recommended rider weight limit for these wheels. Please include the weight of any luggage in your total rider weight when choosing the correct wheels. If a rider is over 90 kg then an experienced bike mechanic should check the wheel regularly and it is advisable to use minimum 25 mm tyres at max 100 psi as this will reduce the fatigue on the wheelset. We are cyclists ourselves and do of course go above and beyond to offer excellent service if you ever do experience any issues. We carry full spares at very reasonable prices and offer complete support.
Tubeless-ready  |  Lower pressures and great puncture protection. Our wheels work excellently with standard clincher tyres & tubes too
  • Designed with purpose   |   We don't spec down to a price point we create the best wheels for each type of riding 
  • Open the gap in the corners   |   Enhanced grip; wide rims for broad road contact with lower-rolling resistance
  • String out the pack on the flat   |   Rounded profile aero rims, super smooth precision bearings by EZO Japan
  • Break-away on the climbs   |   Impressively low weights
  • We have to reserve the right to alter specification when necessary but of course your can return any product within our 60 day satisfaction period even if you have used it as long as it's not been damaged due to an accident.

    Sunday morning 40 mile local loop on the Gravel bikes

    Sunday morning and we were up out by 7.45am to overcast and windy conditions. The cloud soon blew away leaving plenty of sunshine but the wind was getting stronger and stronger. We headed off down the cycle lane to Chester Le Street than around the riverside to pick up the A167 towards Birtley. This is where we picked up the old railway line all the way up hill to Consett. It was a Westerly wind so had it in our faces nearly all the way up. We turned once we reached Hownsgill Viaduct. I wanted to go to the café but Angus had his head down and was heading for the line back down to Bearpark, it was like letting the hand brake off. We flew all the way down through Knitsley, Lanchester, Langley Park then Bearpark. Once we reached Baxters farm we turned off the line and headed home the back way to Whitesmocks, around the back of the college and through the Carrs. Called in past my mums to say hello and back home. All in just over 40 miles and we averaged 12.5mph with nearly 2000ft of climbing.
    I took the Mason and Angus was on the Slate, no probs with their bikes and the 46t outer is much easier to turn than the 50t on the off road sections and now get use of more of the rear cassette.
    Below are a few photos from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon. The only dry day next week is tomorrow for us hear in Co Durham ;-(