9 July 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Shimano 6 Bolt to Centre lock Rotor Adaptor RTAD05

I normally use 6 bolt rotors but do have some splined ones as well. When I ordered the Hunt wheels with the Mason frameset they were splined hubs. The rotors that I had from another bike were 6 bolt so required a pair of convertors. There are loads of different manufacturers producing adaptors of different designs but all achieve the same thing. I opted for Shimano as I knew the quality should be spot on. They are simple enough to fit onto the splined hub then bolt your 6 bolt rotor to the adaptor. At the end of the day it saves you buying a replacement pair of discs if you have no spare splined rotors. In use I have had no problems to date, never come loose etc.
Manufacturers info - Easily and neatly adapts your 6-bolt rotors to fit on to Centre-Lock hubs. Uses the proven Centre-Lock lockring fixing system for quick and easy installation
RRP £14.99 each and I paid £7.81 inc p & p

When I opened the Hunt wheel box the card below was in the packet and thought oh do the wheels come with some adaptors but there was none in the box. A quick look on the Hunt website and the wheelset was listed with a bag of accessories so emailed Mason and they sent out the missing bag of spares / parts but by then I had already fitted the Shimano ones and was using them. So I now have a spare pair of Hunt rotor adaptors, well will come in useful one day. 

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